The Road Ahead

I have spent the last 11 years building the Call Center Business in Central America. Its time to make a change. I want to finish this year with a bang, and in 2014 focus on my writing!

Honduras has been good to me

Time to get back to blogging! Looks like with LLCC and Activa Solutions Utopia has establish a solid client base in both the political and industrial hearts of the country!


Back Home at Last!

Well, my tour of duty in Honduras is over. At least for now. After spending almost a year in Teguscigalpa, the capital of Honduras, I am convinced that the country has immense potential as a Offshoring destination. It was a great experience. I have spent the last 10 years of building the BPO industry in Latin America. Looking forward to my next challenge.

Interview on Honduran Television

My interview announcing the launch of LL Call Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Getting ready for LL Call Center Launch

Nothing like a nice, professional shave, to get ready for a major event.

LL Call Center Pre-Launch

Tonight the LL Call Center, the first International Outsourcing Call Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, will celebrate it’s inauguration. I have been working on this project for over three months and am extremely proud of our progress. The Center will feature the latest in Avaya Technology, and is designed to be one of the the most eco friendly operations in the region.
For more information, check out LL Call Center.

AVOID Sky Satellite Service at all COST!

DO NOT under any circumstances contract with SKY Costa Rica for Service, they are thieves and have the worst customer service I have encountered in 25 years of Customer Service. My wife canceled service with them on December 26th, paid in cash all outstanding balances, and got a confirmation number. The next day they charged her credit card. First, the night my wife called them they spent over an hour trying to insist that she renew her contract, or get another package, this after being two months without service, which we paid for! Finally she convinced the guy to cut off the service, and got a confirmation number. When my wife encountered the charges on her card, she immediately called them to ask them to reverse the charges. The first person she talked to refused. She asked for a supervisor and was of course transferred to another agent instead, who also refused, gave her a bunch of nonsense about company policies and refused to transfer her to a REAL supervisor.

This company does not begin to understand customer service. for $40 they have lost a customer for life, and for creating a negative impression that will surely cost them more than $40. These people are simply STUPID, arrogant and yes, thieves.

Honduras Forum Results!

I am sitting in the Hotel Copantl, two days after the event in San Pedro Sula Honduras, and I am still stunned at the success of the event!
With over 150 delegates and Keynote speakers like Michael Baker of First Data Corp, Allan Courneya of Myron Business Gifts, and leaders in technology and business from all over the region, including as far away as Colombia, the event was an unparalleled success, promising great possibilities for Honduras and the region!

The event was widely covered in the local press, television and the international business press, including Summa Magazine, Estrategias y Negocias and others. Most of the major call center and BPO organizations also supported the event, including Sitel, Sykes and Attento, sending delegates and supporting the event through word of mouth.

As a result of the event, Honduras is positioned to take it’s place among the regions BPO/Call Center Hubs! Many initiatives came out of the meeting, including the formation on a new company, which will be an alliance of BlueIT (Hinduras), Roaring Jaguar (Guatemala), and The Utopia Group (Costa Rica), more on this in the coming weeks.

I am publishing this from my iPad, so no pictures yet, but will publish some when I return to Costa Rica, after I attend to my 14th wedding Anniversary!

Major Event in Honduras BPO-Call Center Expo

The Call Center and BPO Expo I have been working on for the last two months is taking shape and promises to be one of the MAJOR events of the year for the LATAM BPO and Call Center Business. The Utopia Group is partnering with Roaring Jaguar (US and Guatemala), and BlueIT (Honduras), to host an event designed to catapult Honduras into the regions’ thriving Call Center and BPO arena. The event will feature keynotes from high technology companies, a discussion of the state of call centers in Honduras, a country review and exciting insight into the expanding banking sector of call center operations.

We are currently expanding our list of sponsors and presenters, for information review our brochure, and feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in the Central American Call Center or BPO business, or are a technology or services vendor interested in this expanding marketplace, you dont want to miss this event.

My Experiences with the Palm Pre+

The Palm Pre Plus Cell Phone

I have spent the last two days playing with a Palm Pre Plus, given to me by a friend at Palm Inc. Been a while since I got any technical swag from my various contacts out there, and this one was very welcome. I have re-fell in Love with my iPhone 3Gs since the release of iOS 4, the new Software for the iPhone. I was able to easily jailbreak the phone and re-unlock the iPhone.

Upon receiving the new Palm Pre, I went about setting it up. There were a few blips in the process. It gave me errors when trying to set up my Gmail and company email, saying their security certificates were invalid. After a Google search, I found that this error was created by the time and date not being correct on the phone. Syncing my calendar and contacts were also a challenge, since I use a Macbook Pro, instead of a PC. Again, with a little research, I discovered that the Palm seamlessly syncs with Google Apps, so my contacts, mirrored on Google, and my Calendar, which is also a Google Calendar, easily synced to the phone without issue.

The phone is very fast. Signal strength seems equal to, or better, than the iPhone when connecting to Costa Rica’s 3G network. Battery life I am not sure of. It seems to be better than the iPhone, but I may just be enamored of a new toy. More testing to come on that end.

My only issue so far is that since my phone was not registered in the United States, I do not have access to the Application Store, and therefor no way to load critical apps for me like, Facebook, Twitter, dropbox, Sugarsync and some other applications I have grown to depend on on my iPhone. Facebook I can live without on my phone. Twitter and Dropbox are two show stoppers for me. They make my phone more than a convenience and more of a business tool for me. The folks at Palm are working on getting me into the App Store. While their are tradeoffs to using the Pre+ over the iPhone, I believe my iPad can fill in the gaps, and I may just make the switch.

I am still interested in the iPhone 4, and may get one in the near future. My goal is to get one that is factory unlocked so I dont have to worry about any tradeoffs by jailbreaking the phone. There are MANY things to like about the Palm Pre+. The seamless integration with the Web, including automatic backup to the cloud is an intriguing and quite useful utility. I am still getting used to the phone so the jury is still out, but I like what I see. Now if I can just get a twitter client…

The Business Adventures of an Expat Call Center Guru in Costa Rica