About David S. Anderson

davidsanderson David Anderson is one of the Top Call Center Consultants in the world, and is the founder of The Utopia Group, one of the Top Call Center and Business Management companies in Central America. The Utopia Group is known as an innovative organization which leads the region in technology initiatives.
Mr. Anderson is considered by many as one of the principle founders of Costa Rica’s Technology industry, especially in outsourcing. Anderson founded the first international call center in the country and the region. Anderson is also a technology writer, motivational speaker and corporate trainer, specializing in Customer Service and Management themes.

Also known as a Technical visionary, Anderson has been responsible for helping to promote wireless and handheld technology through alliances with companies like Palm, HP, Motorola and others. Anderson and the Utopia group were responsible for installing the first public wireless network in Costa Rica, and for helping to popularize the technology.

Anderson has consulted with companies like Cafe Britt, ITS, GBM corporation and other giants of technology and commerce in Costa Rica. Her has also allied with companies like Cisco, Intel, IBM, Motorola and Sony Ericcson, to elevate technology awareness in Costa Rica and the region.

Anderson grew up in Los Angeles, where he attended George Washington and Metropolitan High Schools, Los Angeles Southwest College and The University of Southern California. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons, and belongs to a number of other social and professional organizations.

Anderson is also a member of the Cisco Systems Global Consulting Network, and several other consulting alliances. Anderson is responsible for founding Call Centers in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Africa, Australia, Mexico and Europe.

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Things people have said about David

Michael Benstock – CEO Superior Uniform Group
I had the pleasure of meeting David through Linkedin. Actually my first experinece hiring someone to do consulting through a networking site. From my first meeting with David, I knew he was the right person for the multitude of assignments that would follow. David has helped my management recruit management candidates, evaluate staff, train supervisors, set up a marketing and operational strategy and has become a real partner to our business. His decades of experience keep paying off with every conversation and interaction with him. He is honest with his time and his advuce, something that most consultants struggle with. I have rehired him twice during concurrent periods and will continue to do so, even if it just to do an occcasional temperature check on our business strategies. When you hire David, you hire the real deal.

Rodrigo Grael General Manager – Achievers Consultores
David has been one of the most talented and experienced professionals in the contact center industry with whom I have enjoyed not only working, but also learning from. He has been one of the largest contributors to the development of the contact center industry in Central America.
I consider David as the pioneer in introducing Central America as a destination for call center companies. His passion and professionalism are the keys for his major success. I feel really proud of being part of this passion.
I truly appreciate the knowledge, professionalism, leadership and friendship from David; and strongly recommend him and his company as the right choice in consultancy and technology businesses

Chris Caldwell – President Concentrix Corporation
I hired David to explore investing in Central America. I found out about David by the many word of mouth recommendations of people I talked to that had used his services. He brings with him an expert knowledge of the geographic locations, business contacts and pitfalls of Central America. His guidance was invaluable in helping us get started. I extended his contract twice, well past the original scope of our agreement, as he continued to add value to the process we were going through. It is always a pleasure to work with David.

Daniel Nanton – General Manager Regional Call Centers, Bank of Central America (BAC)
“I was able to watch David in his first steps in a place of the world he has committed his life to. I can say that David has been part of the Call Center industry that is transforming Central American. He has very strong knowledge of the opportunities, and I have and will recommend his knowledge to anyone intrested in understanding how to land a profitable business in this part of the world.”

Nick Jiwa – Principle Partner, CustomerServ LTD
“Dave defines call center guru, particularly in his sphere of expertise– Latin America. Dave was one of the first to pioneer call center outsourcing in Latin America in the mid 1990s and he continues to be a go-to guy for knowledge and resources. Dave’s partnership spirit, business ethics and his magnetic personality make for a powerful combination. Dave has been instrumental in assisting us with geographic diversification in Latin America and we plan to do many projects together.”

Allan Courneya – Myron Incorporated
“I have been using the services of David Anderson (Grupo Utopia) since June 2006 as a CAll Center consultant in the areas of : o Central America Site Location, o Outsource partner identification and evaluation, o Technology solutions o Management and staff recruiting I have been extremely pleased with David’s expertise, knowledge of the industry, connections, sense of urgency, work ethic, flexibility and high ethical standards. He is a pleasure to deal with and was the key resource in our search and set-up of our Central America pilot outbound sales operation. We intend to maintain a relationship with David as we explore other projects in the region. I highly recommend David to anyone looking to do business in the Call Center arena and endorse him without hesitation. You will not be disappointed” January 14, 2008

Anne Sherry – Top Consultant in HR (Managing Director Ashbrook)

“David Anderson is a BIG man – physically, emotionally and mentally. I had the pleasure of working with him in 2006 on a suite of management development programmes in Costa Rica. Initially these were rolled out in the company’s Call Centre but the response from participants was so positive that his remit was extended to cover all non Call Centre managers as well. David has high integirity; he says what he thinks and listens to (and learns from) feedback. He works incredibly hard and fast, and delivers.a great product. He’s personable and able to relate to all types of participant. I questionned my own assumptions when I met him, being pleasantly surprised (and delighted) to find this level of professionalism in Central America. Of particular value to me was his willingness to be used as a totally confidential sounding board.” January 18, 2008

Manfred Alvarez – President/CEO, Mercury Communications, Honduras CA

“David is a remarkable individual that cares and is truly passionate about what he does. A true connoisseur of the call center world with a life time of experience. Anyone can benefit from his wealth of knowledge, energy, attention to detail and responsiveness. He is one of the leading experts in call center operations within the Latin American region. I highly recommend.” January 22, 2008

Ken Stempson – Human Resources Guru

“David is a business leader and multi-talented technologist with skill sets ranging from international entrepreneurship to social commentary. His following includes heads of state, CEOs of major corporations, technology evangelists and individuals who just want to enjoy the benefits of his wisdom and expertise. David is an icon within Costa Rica and his voice is heard around the world. I had the pleasure of working with David at Acer America where he pioneered the establishment of world class call centers in the United States and abroad. His leadership is legendary and ability to achieve exceptional results when facing impossible challenges is his trademark. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking a true partner in making their business dreams come true.” November 26, 2007

Randy Harris – COO Sitel
“David is a bright, energetic, senior executive that has an excellent understanding of the Central America nearshore markets. David was one of the pioneers in near shoring many years ago in Costa Rica. Due to this experience he became a regional expert for companies that needed consulting to help them make their migration as seamless a possible. I highly recommend David as an industry leader in offshoring to Latin America. I did try to hire him several times with no success due to his demand in the market.”

“I have spent most of my life dedicated to the advance of ‘people technology,’ I have been blessed with incredible opportunities and taught by incredible teachers. Growing up in the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles, I learned early that, ‘failure was not an option,’ but I did fail, and I always had great people there to pick me up, help me dust off, and point out the lessons to be learned. I have made a lot of money in my life, but I finally have figured out that money is not a measure of success, it is only a measure of people’s willingness to acknowledge that success! Today I take pride in the achievements of my children, and the opportunity that God and circumstance has given me to participate in the building of an incredible industry in Central America. The secret to Utopia’s success is that in a world that seems to be mostly about making money, we are about achieving lasting results and the relationships that go along with them…”

David Anderson
President – The Utopia Group