A week with the Treo 680

Well I am starting week two of my use of the Treo 680, and think I am in a pretty good position to provide some insight on the phone, and my experience with the upgrade. PROS *The design is much more sexy, the loss of the Treo 650’s antenna, while not something I really considered one way or the other in the purchase, makes a difference *The phones new shape, which is slightly different from the 650, makes it seem easier to hold, and definately gives it sexier look. *The increase in memory actually makes the phone usable for someone like me who likes to load many system enhancements and utilities. *I may be one of the few who actually like the new phone application. I have eliminated the overhead of several excellent dialer replacements, and am going “naked,” with the dialer app. One of the biggest Pros of the upgrade has been my experience with Mobihand, the folks who run the software store on PalmInfoCenter. Simply put, the people at Mobihand have mad an almost intolerable situation with Software Registrations, (Moving my Registered Software from the Treo 650 to the 680), a manageable one. Some of the codes I could not find, others failed to work. The people at Mobihand personally contacted the developers to get me help. This kind of customer service today is extraordinary, and should be applauded. There was a time when I purchased all of my Palm Software via PalmGear, today Mobihand is my partner of choice. CONS *There is a lag with this device. It is not a problem, but it is something that irritates me. It appears sometimes when launching the phone application, answering a call, etc. *I still get frequent (Not as frequent as the 650, but too frequent none the less), resets. *Now this may just be a case of I need to read the manual, but every now and then I am in the middle of something and have to delay. The screen will dim and I have to hit the home key to exit turn on the screen again, in which case I am taken out of the app I was in. *Installing to a memory card is still too slow Lastly let me say this… to all those developers out there who make it hard to register your software, especially if you need to re-register. You have lost a customer. Mobile High Speed is one of the worst. I will never spend another dime on their products. They treat their customers like thieves… Many others like Davtaviz, the makers of Documents to go, and Iambic of Agendus fame, go out of their way to milk their customers for every dime, one of the reasons that their software is so often pirated. .. Anyway, I am really enjoying my Treo 680, problems asside, it is a very nice piece of hardware that adds nicely to my “Tech Cred. ” And thanks again to David and his team at Mobihand.Crsossposted to ISOU

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