I just got back from the first planning session in Honduras, where I am planning a new Call Center for a big multinational there. I have not been blogging much lately, as the workload has just been intense. Admire Americas also just signed their first client. I worked with them to close the deal.

I am very excited for Rogelio Douglas and the Admire Americas team. Rogelio is proof positive that vision, perseverance and faith, win out in the end.

I will be quite busy for the next couple of months completing the Honduran project and assisting with the new call center in Limon, (The Admire Americas project). Blogging may be light.


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  1. From the Desk of David S. Anderson » Socialism and Monopolies will be the Death of Costa Rica Says:

    […] In the last two years I have done very little business IN Costa Rica. My consulting business has expanded regionaly and I am building Call Centers and Contact Centers in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras… These countries have long lagged behind Costa Rica as a destination for foreign investment, especially in the technology sector. Today a company is more likely to establish a Call Center in Guatemala, than in Costa Rica, where I helped found the Central American Call Center industry, 13 years ago this month… The fact of the matter is that this is happening because Costa Rica is NOT as business friendly as these other countries, and because turning the power off for four hours a day EVERY day is not the way to build confidence in your infrastructure. The last two weeks have been a slap in the face to the Average Costa Rican, but Costa Ricans are famous for “grinning and bearing it.” ICE’s horrendous customer service, poor performance, bureaucracy, all of which I have experienced first hand, are NORMS to the average Tico, most of which have never traveled, the majority never getting further than 100 miles from their own neighborhood… I often muse that if Ticos, who have been waiting nearly 6 months for new cellular phone lines, realized that they could get off an airplane in Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras and purchase a GSM Chip in the airport, along with prepaid time… Or that in Honduras, one can order Cell Phone, Home Phone, VOIP, Cable TV and Internet from the same provider and have it appear on the same bill. The average Costa Rica has no clue as to the impact of the TLC Positive or Negative on their lives, but the Unionist have done a better job of presenting a negative case, than business people have done in pushing the benefits of the treaty. […]

The Business Adventures of an Expat Call Center Guru in Costa Rica