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Every now and then, I come across a tool that just blows my mind. I have been looking at productivity tools for the last couple of months and have found some really cool applications. The biggest frustration for me, is that I seem to encounter a new one almost daily. The amount of online and offline software applications designed to enhance our productivity, is staggering.

Applications like Active Collab, and Xdrive, have made the power of huge, and expensive collaboration suites from Oracle, Microsoft and others available to small to medium sized businesses at little or no cost. The days when one had to have an Exchange Server or Lotus Domino to provide collaboration to small teams, is over. I use Active Collab for one of my companies, and use XDrive to flie share.

Google Apps for Your Domain, is another Exchange/Domino wannabe. I recently switched The Utopia Group’s mail and messaging services to GAYD, I have been somewhat satisfied, but like most Google applications, GAYD shows more promise than reality. The mail portal is as bad as Gmail, (On which it is based), when it comes to reliability. (Ever had one of those “oops” messages in Gmail.

The point is, that the promise of software is catching up with us. For busy people like myself, we are always looking for the Holy Grail of Productivity solutions. I recently purchased a SanDisk U3 USB Memory Drive. The new U3 Technology enables you to carry vital productivity applications with you on the Drive, in effect making any computer you plug it into… your own.

One of the applications that came bundled with the flash drive is Accomplice:


Accomplice is a software application that helps busy professionals like you manage your to-dos, goals, and notes, then sync them with your team. This isn’t some trivial to-do list, and it isn’t an overweight project management suite. Accomplice has just the ingredients you really need to stay on top of your busy life, integrated into an intuitive and flexible system. It works online and offline, integrates with Outlook and other software you already use, and syncs with your PDA. Oh, by the way, it’s free.

Accomplice is one awesome piece of software. And it just about reaches Holy Grail status.

1. It plays nicely with Microsoft Outlook, without installing buggy plug ins to Outlook.
2. It has great GTD functionality.
3. It has powerful online and connectivity functionality.
4. It just works, whether connected to the Internet or not.
5. It compliments my use of my Palm.
6. It is free!
7. It goes with me on my thumb drive.
8. You can download and use it, whether you have a thumb drive or not.

What more can you ask for. Well take a look here, and tell me…

This is a piece of software that has the potential to take my planning and organizing skills to another level, and is a new tool I can recommend to my clients.

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