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I should be starting a major new project in the next month in Honduras. I met with the client about six months ago to discuss helping them open a new call center, but the project was put on hold until this year. I spent a delightful two days with the client last week, discussing the project and visiting some of my accounts here in Costa Rica. I got the green light on the project last night, so we should be moving ahead aggressively early next month. The client is a huge corporation with offices in Honduras and other countries in Latin America. The Costa Rican Call Center Market is currently going through stress due to market saturation and a lack of qualified English Speaking personnel. Honduras is an excellent new Market with fantastic potential. I am looking forward to help pioneer that market as well. Honduras offers some excellent potential advantages over Costa Rica, and even Guatemala, where I opened a call center last year. There are currently no major call center operations in Honduras, and Honduras should offer some compelling cost advantages over more developed markets. For information on the new operation, please contact me via email.

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  1. Somnath Naha Says:

    Dear Sir:

    This is Somnath, the project coordinator of Flatworld Solutions in South America. Flatworld Solutions is a call center compnay in Bangalore, India. We are very much interested in developing a Data Center project in your country in English language. Our client is a European based client and they are offering us a huge number of people to work with. We are presently runing the project in Bolivia, Peru and India and we need more centers to run the project. We are ready to create 1000++ jobs in your country.

    Flatworld has offices in India, USA, UK, Australia, Bolivia and Peru.

    We do not have any conatct with any call centers in your country and we are looking forward to develop some contacts in your country to run our project from there. I just came accross the webpage of your office and thought to send out this offer to you. If you could help me to find us some info of some call centers in your country, I would be really grateful. This will help developing strong business ti-up between Belize and India, and we can create lots of job opportunities to give a positive effects in your society.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    Mr. Somnath Naha
    Project Coordinator for Latin America and Carribe
    Flatworld Solutions Inc.

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