The Palm OS Chronicles

This is why I have NO confidence in Palm Corporate:

Palm, Inc.has just announced an agreement that will allow this company to keep using Palm OS Garnet in its handhelds and smartphones for many years. This company has just announced a perpetual license agreement with Access Systems (formerly PalmSource) for the source code for Palm OS Garnet.

As Palm now has the rights to use as well as make changes to this version of the Palm OS, several statements in today’s announcement make it clear that it is Palm’s intention to restart development on Garnet, which stopped last year under Access/PalmSource.

[click to view image]For example, Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development at Palm, said, “This agreement gives Palm increased ability to innovate on the Palm OS Garnet base, and to effectively differentiate Palm products long into the future.”

Palm will retain ownership rights to any improvements it makes.

Whatever changes are made to Garnet, Palm is committed to not breaking backward software compatibility. The company plans to ensure that applications now compatible with Palm OS Garnet will operate with little or no modification in future Palm products that employ Garnet as the company makes improvements to it over time.

“We value the Palm OS development community, and are very committed to our loyal base of Palm OS customers, all of whom will benefit from the agreement just concluded with Access,” said Bercow.

This is what… the third transaction involving the crown jewels? First there was the Palm Source spinoff, then Access and now back to Palm?

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