Is this the long rumored iPhone?

ip1bb.jpgGizmodo makes a damned good case for it. Nice look…

Thin, with the familiar iPod industrial design…

If this is the long rumored iPhone, I will be very disappointed. One of the most bone headed and arrogant things Steve Jobs did when he re-took the helm at Apple was to cancel the Newton project.

Seeing the success that Palm had in taking advantage of the market created by Apple, and the strong support the Newton platform has even today, it is easy to conceive that a fourth generation Newton would have been a huge success.

Apple currently owns dozens of technologies, including those included in the Newton and patents on others that could result in a robust smart phone experience. Imagine OS X on a smartphone, with Newton Handwriting Technology!

If the eventual iPhone turns out to be nothing more that an iPod with a phone strapped to it, Apple will have blown a golden opportunity, and will disappoint legions of fans who like me… hope for so much more.

Hat Tip Palmaddicts

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