“YourCall” Updated

“The combination of Agendus Premier and YourCall, are what completes the Treo Smartphone!”

I have been an Agendus user since the days when it was called Action Names. I purchased the YourCall add-on the day it appeared on the market, and it has made managing my busy schedule and keeping track of conversations a pleasure.

The following is from the YourCall Site:
Once you end your telephone conversation, YourCall will show a dialog which prompts you to take an action:

YourCall unknown dialog
Dialog received when contact is unknown
YourCall has 4 easy-to-access, “thumb sized” actions:
(Depending on whether the contact is known or not)

  • View Contact Card – View contact’s detailed information
  • Create a Contact – Create a new contact from the received phone number
  • Add to Contact – Adds the received phone number to a current contact
  • Add to Journal* – Adds the contact or phone number to your journal
  • Call Back – Calls the number back
  • Send SMS – Sends SMS to the number or contact
  • Take no action – Exits the YourCall dialog
More options are available via a dropdown list:

  • Create a meeting – Schedules a meeting with the contact
  • Create a task – Creates a new task which links to the contact
  • Create a call* – Schedules a phone call with the contact
  • Create a memo – Creates a memo which links to the contact
  • Create Journal entry* – Adds the contact or phone number to your journal
  • Send E-Mail – Sends an email to the contact
  • Send SMS – Sends a text message to the contact
  • Call back – Calls the contact back. (If the contact has multiple numbers, click “show dialog” to select a different number to call)
  • Reverse phone lookup – Looks up the phone number via reverse  411 address service in addition to web search
YourCall known dialog
Dialog received when contact is known
YourCall drop down actions
Additional drop down menu options
» Let YourCall do the work for you.

Once an action is selected, YourCall automatically fills in the appropriate information such as telephone number, contact, length of the conversation, end time, and the date the call took place. From there, you can fill in the extra details.

Don’t have time to fill in all appropriate details?  Create a place holder to gather your thoughts before they fly away. Once you have time to reflect, you can revise the descriptions at your own pace.Note: (*) This functionality requires the presence of Agendus for Palm OS.

Now, add to that functionality, the power of the Agendus Premium Organizer, and you have as close to a perfect “digital personal assistant,” as you will find. Your call has been updated today with a bunch of cool new features.

I loaded it up this afternoon, and was tempted to make a couple of calls, just to play with the new features. I didn’t but I will probably handle some calls tomorrow. One of the great things about the release of the new Treo 680, is that a lot of software is being updated for the Treo. My own setup, which includes email, chat, call recording and the above mentioned Agendus and YourCall, is about as close as one can come to having full Personal Assistant functionality in a device I can carry around with me.

YourCall’s integration with Agendus is incredible. It was always a problem with me before installing YourCall, that I would forget about important points covered during mobile conversations, especially while on the move. YourCall and Agendus have fixed that, by enabling me to instantly, with a couple of taps of my stylus, schedule follow ups, make quick notes or even send a quick email, after a phone call, and the new logging features of YourCall are really powerful additions.

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