Treo 680 Arriving first week in December

overview_680_photo.jpgAnd there are a ton of Treo 680 reviews up today. Apparently Palm was pretty generous in seeding the product to Technology Sites.

Brighthand does the best all around review.

Mobility Today adds some nice YouTube video to their review.

Palm Infocenter has a nice photo gallery.

TreoCentral also weighs in…

And of course, standard bearer Palm Addicts has extensive coverage, including this review, after using the Treo 680 for a week.

My overall sentiment after reading all of the reviews? I will get one. The new tweaks in software, new web browser, and most of all, additional memory, make it a required upgrade for me.

I have spoken many times about how my Treo is my office on the move, this “new office,” will give me some much needed enhancements to my “office space,” while at the same time, allowing me to continue to perpetuate our image as a cutting edge company in Costa Rica.

Several times I have been the ONLY person to have a certain model of tech in Costa Rica, and putting aside the ego factor, this has been a remarkable marketing tool. Nothing says, “competancy,” more than having the latest and greatest technology at your disposal, and utilizing it for maximum efficiency.

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