Some quick notes and reflections…

Not much blogging lately, but that is usually a sign that I am busy…

I am preparing for two major projects the Utopia Group will be involved in in December and January, one a call center expansion project, and the other an Internet Portal, as well trying to get Solutions Costa Rica off the ground, the later of which we are still looking for investors.

kde_logo.jpegWe are also planning a major open source seminar for early next year. I am very excited to have a well known expert from, as a potential keynote speaker. Will be working on identifying some sponsors and a tenative date for the activity in the next week or two.

You don’t think I have been suffering through the indignity of learning a new operating system for nothing… do you?

Business has been pretty good this year, but the end of the year… due mostly to cultural stuff, (Costa Rica almost shuts down in December, as does most of Latin America), it can be slow for us. Fortunately, we usually use the time to build momentum for the next year. This year is no different, with a number of exciting projects on the horrizon.
We have been fortunate in that we have finally created something of momentum and sustainability. This has mostly been accomplished by being almost sharklike (Never sitting still), constantly moving.

I am very proud of the things we have accomplished this year. Utopia has grown, our reputation for delivering has grown, and our opportunities for expansion and diversification (ala Solutions Costa Rica), have also grown.

One of the key drivers for Utopia’s success, has been our willingness, and our enthusiasm to tackle projects outside our normal areas of proficiency or expertise. This year has seen us take on, successfully I might add, several such projects.

Our plans for next year include developing a call center in Honduras, expanding our “newcomer services,” portfolio and possibly creating some exciting new mobile solutions.

It has been said, that the best companies are those who regularly reinvent themselves. The chairman of Motorola Corp, said during a CNN interview, that the time to do this, was when you are at the top of your game. The Utopia Group is at about version 5, and we continue to constantly evaluate the market and opportunities.

We see opportunities in Open Source Software, services, wireless technologies, especially those based on GSM technology. We also see opportunities in creating alliances, partnerships nd synergies, based on a vision of technology for the region. Call Center Consulting will continue to be one of our fundamental core competencies. Our History as a leader in developing call and contact centers around the globe, is capital which we will continue to utilize to broaden the appeal of our new businesses.
So from time to time, I may disappear, but it’s all good. When I do, it usually means I am up to something.

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