Entering a New Era in my Life

The New Me

The New Me

On the 23rd of January, 2014, I had an operation to amputate my Right Leg below the knee due to complications of Diabetes. This event has changed my life, though perhaps in ways you can not imagine. Since the amputation I have received hundreds, perhaps thousands of messages of support and prayers from people. Most whom I have never met.

I have discovered who my real friends are, and who loves me. I have also discovered who does not. I am honored and humbled by the love I have received, and unfazed by the revelations of who really does not love me. I begin this new journey alone… And yet with a host of people at my side. My children, my Fraternity Brothers and Sorority Sisters, my friends and my extended family.

Those who are not here, are more noted by others for their absence, than by me. I am whole, at peace and feeling loved. As for the Expat Guru. he will be making a comeback. Just give me some time to recuperate.

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