Apple is still ahead of the Curve on innovation

While some bemoan the iPhone’s perceived lack of innovation vs. the Android onslaught (Perception in my opinion), very little is said about the Mac OS, and how it stacks up agains Windows. Yesterday, Apple made a slew of announcements, including a new thinner, lighter iPad, the new Professional Desktop, some new Mac Book Pros, and Mavericks, the first of the NON big Cat versions of OS X.

For me the biggest news from this event was that they are giving away the new version of the OS! When is the last time Microsoft gave away Windows? Try never. I have been test driving Mavericks for about a week, and it is one of the first OS X versions I have tried with zero issues out of the gate. I especially love the fact that I can now read my apple ebooks on my Mac, something I never understood why they did not include earlier. There are a wealth of features in the new OS, some new like the iCloud keychain, and some improvements on pre-existing technology. But the big news is that it is Free.

Pages, the word processor from the new iWorks Suite

Pages, the word processor from the new iWorks Suite

They are also making iWork (Their Microsoft Office Competitor) and iLife (Creative Suite), Free on every Mac. I am toying with the idea of going Microsoft office free. That is how good iWork is. They also upgraded the Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps for iPhone and iPad, and now have a web version as well, all integrating with Apple’s iCloud. Android fans will say that Google has had Google Apps for years. I would counter by saying yes, but they are very poor MS Office Replacements.

One of the charms of the Mac for me has always been tight integration of hardware and software. Once again they have done this with Mavericks and iOS. Is the iPhone better than the Galaxy S-4, I guess that would depend on your personal preferences and taste. For me, the game changer is once again integration of tools. iCloud is at the center of a connected strategy that makes all your tools work together in harmony. Everything from Mail to the Productivity Apps are integrated and smartly work together to provide not only a BETTER user experience, but a more seamless one. Apple is back on top…. or did they ever leave?

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