Walt Mosenberg’s iPhone 5s Review

I have been waiting for Walt Mosenberg’s iPhone 5s review. Despite often being called an Apple Fan Boy, Mosenberg usually delivers the technical goods I am looking for in making a decision about apple products.

Apple brings out a new top-of-the-line iPhone model every year, but a redesign only every other year. In the intervening cycles, the company tends to keep the phone’s exterior the same, but changes the innards and the software. This is one of those in-between years, but the new iPhone 5s has a potentially game-changing hardware feature and a radically new operating system.

The review does not disappoint. The Fingerprint reader, enhanced speed and new OS are all things Mosenberg believes retain Apple’s edge. I think this is all subjective. The new features are nice, and yes the new OS, at least for me, is a home run. The iPhone remains my phone of choice, but I do believe Apple has for the time being, lost their edge.

I still dont like Android. I think it is very shaky when it comes to security, and I feel better about the NSA having my Data than Google. But some of the features of the Galaxy S4 are appealing to me, especially the larger screen, but the plastic, the security holes, etc…. do not work for me. Anyway, check out Walts review, it is worth the read.

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