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I was sitting here playing with my Treo 650 tonight, lamenting the 24 Megabytes of memory that prevents me from loading more applications (I am down to about 7 Megabytes). I recalled watching From the Earth to the Moon, the other night with my kid, and it got me to thinking…554_01.jpg

Here I am sitting with a little marvel of technology that allows me to make phone calls wirelessly almost anywhere in the world. I can keep my schedule, compose Microsoft Office compatible documents, surf the internet, and am always in touch with my email and SMS.

I wondered out loud, how much memory Apollo 11 had on its onboard Landing Module Computer…. So I googled it


“The on-board Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was about 1 cubic foot with 2K of 16-bit RAM and 36K of hard-wired core-rope memory with copper wires threaded or not threaded through tiny magnetic cores. The 16-bit words were generally 14 bits of data (or two op-codes), 1 sign bit, and 1 parity bit. The cycle time was 11.7 micro-seconds. Programming was done in assembly language and in an interpretive language, in reverse Polish. Scaling was fixed point fractional. An assembly language ADD took about 23.4 micro-seconds. The operating system featured a multi-programmed, priority/event driven asynchronous executive packed into 2K of memory. The Mean Time to Failure (MTBF) of the machine in a space environment was calculated at 50,000 hours — almost 6 years, and it never failed in flight operations. It was truly a marvel for its time, a tribute to M.I.T.’s designers, and it accomplished a most complex mission.”

38k…. That’s right… “k” not Megabytes, not Gigabytes, but “k.” I looked around my desk…. My watch has more memory than the craft that first landed man on the moon. In fact, my freaking toaster probably does… We’ve come a long way baby. The question one must ask is… What happened to simple elegant programming. I dont think a single application on my Treo would even fit into the memory of that glorious machine that fulfilled so many of our dreams and aspirations… And it didn’t even crash!

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