iOS 7: The iPhone’s new OS Breaks new Ground

I installed Apple’s new Mobile OS yesterday and I must say I am impressed. Back when the OS was announced, I was not thrilled at the new human interface design. The new “flat,” look, caught me flat. I thought the new icons and app designs looked cartoonish and over simplified. I am still not sure I am in love with them, but viewing them on my iPhone 5, they seem much more likable.IOS7. But lets forget about the cosmetics for a moment. My Android friends talk about customization. They brag about useful login screens. They talk about camera features. None of these things are all that important to me. What this upgrade to the OS bought are a bunch of features that I had to jailbreak to have before. I love the ability to look at my schedule, and review other activities, without leaving the lock screen. I also love the new multitasking screen, reminds me of the old Palm Pre Multitasking, where you kill programs by just flipping them away.
The OS seems faster, more snappy, even with new animations and effects. The new control center, which slides up from the bottom and allows you to control things like Bluetooth, Wifi and the new airplay is very handy. Overall, the OS just feels more modern, integrated and efficient. I need to see if the battery life is affected by all these new bells and whistles, but I think Apple at LEAST leveled the playing field with Android, and may have etched out a small lead.

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