Why I am sticking with the iPhone for now…

I would love an iPhone 5s, but I am going to wait for the iPhone 6. I think Samsung has edged Apple out on innovation with the S4, Android’s customizability remains a strong selling point, BUT I still believe that the iPhone is fundamentally a better phone. At least for me it is.

I don’t care that much about customization, the other features that android offers just aren’t compelling enough for me to change, or in many cases are available on the iPhone via an app. I will admit that I am no longer the Apple Fanatic that I once was… Well, unless you consider that I consider the MacBook Pro to be the Nirvana of Notebook computing. But I am not ready to abandon iOS just yet. Apple does some things very well, one of them is QUALITY, translation = No cheap plastic look and feel. When I pick up my iPhone, I feel like I am holding a Tool, not a toy. I will stick with my iPhone for now.
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