Why I use a Mac

13" Macbook Pro

13″ Macbook Pro

I could give you the typical response of a Mac fan on this one, no viruses, more elegant OS, yada, yada, yada… But I wont. I can summarize my love affair with the Mac with one simple sentence… It does not get in my way. I recently wrote about workflow and tools, hope it was useful to you. Truth is, the Mac is all about workflow. It is a platform that out of the box helps you get stuff done. And it makes you look cool, urbane and sophisticated while doing so.

There is a reason why the majority of movies have the good guys saving the world with Macs. Haha…

Cool Defined

Yes I said LOOK Cool

But all that asside, the bottom line is that when I sit down with my 15 inch Retina Mac Book Pro, I know it will just work. It will boot up in seconds due to its 100% Solid State Architecture. It will connect to most wireless networks without a bunch of annoying technical maneuvering and it will integrate with my cloud services like my Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud, with minimum configuration. If my Mom were still alive, the Mac is the platform I would give her.

I can run Micrososft Office on her, some say better than Windows. But the think I love the most about my Mac is its integration, via iCloud, with my iphone and iPad. This is cloud computing “for the rest of us.”

Yes you can, and I DO, use Google Drive, Dropbox and other services, but iCloud and the Apple App-sphere provide simply the best, most robust and seamless implementation of Cloud Computing for the individual user.Combining iCloud with some of the apps and solutions I mentioned in my previous article, provides me with a whole lot of computing power and flexibility with a minimum of cost and complexity. But that is all software, why spend a premium on Mac Hardware. In over 10 years of almost exclussive Mac usage, I have never had a hardware failure. This is not to say that Macs dont fail, but I have found them to be much better built and with higher quality materials.

One of the things I often find annoying about Apple, while at the same time acknowledging that it is a strength, is their habbit of introducing new technologies before they have been widely adopted. I have two USB 3 ports and two Thunderbolt ports on my new Macbook Pro. There are currently no adapters that allow you to use legacy USB devices on a Thunderbolt port, so I often find myself longing for additional USB ports. In a year or two there will be as many Thunderbolt devices, (Hard Drives, accessories, etc), as there are USB peripherals and they will be at a lower cost and more widely available. At that point, I will be clapping myself on the back at having the “standard.” The best analogy for talking about the difference in Mac and PC for me is Toyota and Lexus. I prefer the best tool my money can buy, and I have found that power, flexibility, security, speed are all areas where the Mac excels. The fact that it is an elegant solution that also says who you are as a professional, is icing on the cake.

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