The Claro Chronicles Continued

My saga with Claro continues. As I mentioned before I was double billed last month, and this month I refused to pay the bill as a result. Claro also took a $60 deposit from me, which was supposed to be returned after 90 days.

The Worst in Costa Rica

The Worst in Costa Rica

When I requested that this deposit simply be applied to mhy bill, surprise, surprise, Claro claims that the deposit is returnable at the end of my contract (Two Years). Even were this true, which it is not, I have NEVER had service from day one. My phone is barely functional for voice calls from my home, and 3G is non existent. So I have been paying for a service for more than 5 months, which I have NOT received.

Saturday night, they suspended my phone service, this though they had a deposit, and that I have an OPEN case with them. On Friday I received this email:

Estimado Señor Anderson:

A continuación se adjuntan los detalles de lo conversado el día de ayer:

Como se le indico anteriormente para poder solucionar su problema con la cobertura se instalara una nueva antena en la zona para solventar el faltante de señal en su casa, lo cual está en trámites de permisos con la municipalidad de la localidad para empezar con la instalación lo más pronto posible. Se trato de buscar otras alternativas para la solución de este inconveniente pero según los departamentos encargados no son posibles en el área.

En cuanto al depósito de Garantía, necesitamos si es posible nos envié la documentación donde se le indica que se le hará la devolución después de los 3 meses, ya que la política normal es que la devolución de este dinero se realice a los 24 meses, para poder gestionar la devolución más rápidamente.



Andres Esquivel Madrigal
Ejecutivo BackOffice Movil

Departamento de Servicio al Cliente

The simple translation is that they will install an antenna in the same “zone,” as my house, once they have received permission from the city to install it. They also asked me to provide proof that their store told me that my deposit would be refunded after three months. (All but impossible since my wife puts the papers away and I can not find the receipt. Of course, despite the fact that I am not getting what I paid for is irrelevant. I can not afford to be without a phone, even one that does not work except as a platform for whatsapp…. So I paid the bill.

Claro continues to prove why the are the worst cellular provider in the region!


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