The Claro Chronicles Continue

The Worst in Costa Rica

The Worst in Costa Rica

This is my latest Update, the Claro Chronicles…. An engineer from Claro Costa Rica came by the house yesterday to test the signal from the tower that is about 4 Blocks away. There was almost ZERO 3G signal in my house. He was nice kid, but fixed nothing. He said, and I kid you NOT, that the reason that I got no signal is that my house is so much lower than the tower, that the signal is not reaching me…. (Now that was creative. Then he says that it will be another 5-7 days before they can do anything. This is after I have been paying for a service that does not work for over 5 months!
‪#‎Claro_CostaRicaSucks‬. My advice, go with ANY cell company in Costa Rica BUT @Claro_CostaRica.

639x360_1320338202_logo_movistar I am not sure if Claro is Number Two or Three in Costa Rica. Number 1 has to be Kolbi, formerly ICE, the national company. Number 2 is either Movistar or Claro. Movistar has a reputation for having excellent internet coverage and plans. Kolbi is rock solid, having been the national phone company before the market opened up. Claro’s advantage has been competitive plans, and the fact that they are the only company that makes it easy for non citizens to get a plan.

Kolbi/ICEBased on the experiences of my wife and I, I would say that Kolbi is probably the best overall choice, with the best nationwide coverage, and a wide variety of plans and promos. I have been an ICE/Kolbi user for years and repent going to Claro now. There is one thing I can say for Claro though. If you get a good Signal, Claro has some of the fastest 3G speeds in the market, and despite Kolbi announcing 4G coverage, it is mostly hype.

For those coming to Costa Rica on vacation or business, you must have a GSM Triband Phone. You can get a chip in the airport or at any mall. Make sure your phone is unlocked for any carrier SIM, and go with a KOLBI prepaid sim.

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