Race in America and the Don Lemon Effect…

I normally dont talk Politics on my Business Blog, but wanted to share this with my readers.

Interesting discussion on @DonLemonCNN response to Russell Simmons last night. I made a comment in response to some of my Phamily ΖΦΒΣ. I want to break that comment out because in many ways I think it stands on its own as part of my thought process.

” I obviously did not see Lemon’s commentary the way many did, but as I read more, I begin to understand the POV of those who were offended, though I am not. I simply think there are two conversations to be had. I will never call my Brothers and Sisters Niggas. I will never allow my children to leave the house looking like a clown with their pants hanging off their ass, and as my Beloved Soror knows, I do believe in personal responsibility. We can not take back hundreds of years of oppression. We can not change the racism that exist in our society (Hell it even effects Oprah! What we can do is chose not to surrender. Choose to hold our heads high and show pride in who we are. What we can do is work to make sure our children are being educated and not killing each other. Because at the end of the day, whether systematic racism contributed to it or not, we still chose to call ourselves that hateful word and to be perpetual victims.”

Now I believe that… This does not mean I don’t believe that oppression and suppression are realities of our world. Don is very fortunate in that he has managed to escape poverty and create a career and a life for himself that many in the Afro American Community can not aspire to, because as Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA says,

“You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much
Till you spend half your life just covering up…”

And then there are the fighters… Those of us who DESPITE the obstacles in our path, and despite the difficulty, choose not to be a Niggah, chose not to bow our heads to anyone but God. Those of us who take responsibility for our lives, and who overcome obstacles. Don Lemon may be arrogant at times. He may even be a little silly, such as in his Twitter war with Jonah Hill, but he is a thoughtful journalist whom I sometimes disagree with but always respect.

The Hill thing was an obvious example of Lemon taking himself too seriously, while believing everyone else does as well. I doubt any Hollywood Star, A or B-List would get all mushy over meeting any CNN Personality except @AndersonCooper or @WolfBlitzer. Don you just aint Big enough.

But lets get back to the point. The point is that Don Lemon should not be attacked for his views. He should be challenged. I for one am glad he opened up this debate, because agree or disagree, he HAS created a discussion, now we can chose to make it about him, or about the subject matter…

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