AVOID Sky Satellite Service at all COST!

DO NOT under any circumstances contract with SKY Costa Rica for Service, they are thieves and have the worst customer service I have encountered in 25 years of Customer Service. My wife canceled service with them on December 26th, paid in cash all outstanding balances, and got a confirmation number. The next day they charged her credit card. First, the night my wife called them they spent over an hour trying to insist that she renew her contract, or get another package, this after being two months without service, which we paid for! Finally she convinced the guy to cut off the service, and got a confirmation number. When my wife encountered the charges on her card, she immediately called them to ask them to reverse the charges. The first person she talked to refused. She asked for a supervisor and was of course transferred to another agent instead, who also refused, gave her a bunch of nonsense about company policies and refused to transfer her to a REAL supervisor.

This company does not begin to understand customer service. for $40 they have lost a customer for life, and for creating a negative impression that will surely cost them more than $40. These people are simply STUPID, arrogant and yes, thieves.

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