Major Event in Honduras BPO-Call Center Expo

The Call Center and BPO Expo I have been working on for the last two months is taking shape and promises to be one of the MAJOR events of the year for the LATAM BPO and Call Center Business. The Utopia Group is partnering with Roaring Jaguar (US and Guatemala), and BlueIT (Honduras), to host an event designed to catapult Honduras into the regions’ thriving Call Center and BPO arena. The event will feature keynotes from high technology companies, a discussion of the state of call centers in Honduras, a country review and exciting insight into the expanding banking sector of call center operations.

We are currently expanding our list of sponsors and presenters, for information review our brochure, and feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in the Central American Call Center or BPO business, or are a technology or services vendor interested in this expanding marketplace, you dont want to miss this event.

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    We all know that call center solutions thrive on customer services and more important work for you to achieve the business targets and goals by valuing their opinions, feedbacks, appreciations and grievances.

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