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iOS 4 is Here and it's HOT!

It’s here, and the new iOS 4 update makes me feel real good about giving up my Blackberry. As usual, I sweated through the process of jailbreaking the phone, using the iPhone Dev Team’s remarkable tools.
I was surprised that they released the 4.01 version of their jailbreaking application just ONE DAY after the official release.The process was smooth. Download the Pawnage Tool from the Dev Team site, download the iPhone Update, (Download, dont install!) Convert the upgrade file, and restore it, NOT UPGRADE it, to your iPhone. Once the phone reboots, run Cydia on the iphone, use ultrasn0w to unlock and you are done! The longest part of the entire process was reinstalling all my apps and music.
Now why does it kick ass over the Blackberry? Simple, it is a much more powerful web and multimedia device, with the same push email functionality. I should also add that the upgrade improved dramatically my signal strength, 3G reliability and speed, and it appears, battery life as well.
Jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone is not for the faint of heart. You can literally BRICK your phone. My advice… DONT do it unless you KNOW what you are doing, AND you have carefully read all instructions on the iPhone Dev Team Site.

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