The Continuing Stupidity of Microsoft Xbox Support!

In my continuing Saga of trying to get a reasonable compromise on Support from Microsoft on their Defective Xbox 360 Product, they have apparently decided I am not understanding “piss off,” in English so they sent me an email in Spanish tonight.

Estimado David Anderson,
He intentado comunicarme con usted el numero telefonico provisto (+506-8876-9807) pero me ha sido imposible. El motivo de este correo electronico es para informarle que desafortunadamente la consola Xbox 360 no ha sido oficialmente lanzada en el pais de Costa Rica, por lo que no podremos ofrecerle soprte tecnico ni garantia para su producto. Entiendo que pueda sentirse frustrado pero lamentablemente este producto solo se comercializa oficialmente en algunos paises de America (Ej: U.S.A, Canda, Mexico). Para mas informacion acerca de garantias o lugares en donde comercializamos los productos Xbox 360, le recomiendo visitar nuestro sitio web

Saludos Cordiales,

Juan Pablo – Xbox 360

Amazing… A product with an over 50% failure rate! (I can Assure you that if I had known this I would not have invested over $1000 in the console and games for this poorly designed, seriously flawed piece of technology. Then they have a well documented flaw, which they themselves have acknowledged with a two year warranty extension, and they still dont get it… Why I have a problem spending a fortune sending this thing back to the U.S. and then having to reimport it??? I figure on tope of the $100 or so dollars I have already spent, that route will cost me an additional $300.

Anyone want to buy some Xbox games. I am going to ceremoniously burn this thing if I dont get a reasonable answer soon.

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  1. Anthony Says:

    I am sure you have troubleshot the issue extensively. But, typically the E74 issue is related to the AV cable. It could be a bad switch on the cable (or the switch is not completly switched to one position or another), bent/broken pins on the AV cable, or the cable is bad. I have also seen it when the external hard drive module is not properly seated or the XBOX has a corrupt power condition. Discharge by disconnecting from the wall, hold the power button for 30 seconds, reseat the HDD module and check the pins and switch positions on the AV cable. Plug it back in and see if that helps. If that doesn’t fix it, the box is indeed hosed and will need to be replaced.

    Good luck!

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