Speaking of the Treo

yourcall_main.jpgThere is a must have piece of software for the Mobile Executive, I have to tell you about.

It is called YourCall, and it is the latest piece of brilliance from the folks at Iambic.

YourCall is one of the most eleagant pieces of programming I have seen in the Palm Software world. Simply described, it is an “action manager.” When you conclude an outgoing or incoming phone call, YourCall pops up and asks you if you wish to initiate a follow up action. YourCall integrates with Agendus, and allows you to set up tasks, a follow up meeting or add notes to a call. For someone who is always moving like myself, this program allows me to keep track of phone calls and follow up items, without much thought. Fantastic program.

Check it out on iambic’s site.

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