Innovation, Commitment, Investment…

TOG Call Center AgentIn my mind, all keys to success in the competitive outsourcing field these days.

Having founded the first outsourcing call center in Central America in 1994, and having since contributed to the development and growth of the industry throughout Latin America, especially Central America… I have become convinced that Outsourced Call Centers, especially the telemarketing focused PAY FOR PERFORMANCE type…. have become a commodity.

People with as little as a couple of years working as an agent, team leader or supervisor in a call center in Nicaragua, Guatemala and elsewhere, rush to establish their own “boiler rooms,” where they sell into an ever more crowded market for “Online Yellow Pages,” and other PFP type projects. Many of these “Centers,” are as shady as the clients they serve, and it becomes a guessing game as to who will fold first…. The Center or the “Broker,” who is providing the list and business for the Online Advertising.

I have stayed away from working with such clients, “Either the Centers or their Clients.” It has been my good fortune to meet some extraordinary Call Center Operators over the last couple of years. The Office Gurus, is just such a client.

The Office Gurus started five years ago as a captive operation for their parent company. After moving some key call center and back office functions offshore to their Salvadoran facility, they discovered some remarkable things…

1. Millions of Dollars in Savings
2. A work ethic stronger than any other in the region
3. A work force that not only had tremendous english skills, but affinity with American Culture.
4. Significant cost savings over some of the more well known Offshoring destinations in Central America

Then came Innovation….

If it worked for the parent company, why couldn’t it work for partners and clients. WHY couldn’t they sell their success to others? The Office Gurus was born…
The Company spun off its back office and contact center operations and began providing services to outside clients, to great success. Technology evaluations were done, tools improved, modified or purchased to support different types of clients.

One of the challenges I have consistently faced in providing consulting services to regional companies is their unwillingness to commit resources to their own success. In many cases the reasons are a lack of capital, and a need to prioritize in spending. While I may disagree with their priorities, I respect their decision making. In the case of The Office Gurus, the commitment has been there from the decision to provide outsourcing services. From investments in technology to people, facilities and best in class processes, they have made a commitment to make the business a success, and to provide REAL value to clients.

What has impressed me more than anything, is TOG’s willingness to think outside the common paradigms of the outsourcing norms. TOG aggressively and proactively invest in areas where they anticipate client need, or see opportunity to explore or exploit new opportunities. It is equally impressive how they have created a culture of staff development that includes a seamless blending of experienced and successful talent from some of the most successful operations in the region as key “pillars,” and developing internal talent through internal and external training and coaching/mentoring.

I have been working with TOG for the last four months, and even attended the Direct Marketing Association meeting with the in San Diego California, last month. TOG was a huge success at the show, with tons of potential leads for new business. More importantly, the DMA show was a sort “debut,” for TOG. Moving forward I am excited about working with them to grow their business. If you are interested in additional information, check out their website, or get in touch with me.

4 Responses to “Innovation, Commitment, Investment…”

  1. Adrian Addesso Says:

    If you are the Call Center Gurú, please stop suggesting to use PAY FOR PERFORMANCE tactics. That makes Agents prisioners of stress. If you pay a good amount of money, and you choose your people well, you will get the same resoults + happy employees. I worked for GM USA and It´s an awful job, completely not recomended.

  2. davidscottanderson Says:

    Do you READ English? Seriously? Where do I advocate PFP? Read before your blast someone amigo.

  3. Orlando Says:

    You are really selling this company. I have been working at Transactel Call Center for two years and they have the worst Retention department I have ever seen. Also, their career path program is a joke. Any decent Client in the States would be ashame of the practices carried out here because team leaders are the most incompetent in their field. I will be sending my resume to TOG.

  4. outsourcing providers Philippines Says:

    I think that any call center has the potential to be a great place in which a person can carve a career path for himself. All it takes is dedication and a positive attitude towards the job, and call center leaders that address the needs and concerns of every agent.

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