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Part of the 100 Back Office Agents at TOG

Part of the 100 Back Office Agents at TOG

I recently started working with The Office Gurus, in El Salvador. TOG started off as a captive BPO organization for Superior Uniform Group in the U.S.. Within a year, the organization was so successful in saving cost for the parent company, that TOG was created as an outsourcing organization for other multinational corporations seeking to benefit from near shore cost savings and convenience.

The parent company has invested heavily in creating a boutique BPO/Contact Center operation with flexibility, significant growth potential and top tier technology and human resources.

El Salvador is a relatively new market for me, as I have focussed in previous years in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, where I have contributed to the growth of robust Contact Center industries. Other opportunities recently took me to El Salvador, where I learned about the countries exciting potential as a near shore outsourcing solution. Working with TOG has been a pleasure, as the organization has leveraged its years of experience in Back Office operations, to bring Best Practices, Technology and KNOW HOW to its outsourced operation.

It is always a pleasure to work with a client who knows the value of investment as a precursor to success. TOG has done all the right things in building the organization.

Investment in Training and Personnel Development
– Internal and External training in sales
– Internal and External training in Technology use
– Advanced English training for those who need it
– Management mentoring and training
– Clear career paths for BPO and Contact Center Staff

Investment in Infrastructure, including:
-Centrally located building
— with best access to Public Transportation in San Salvador
— World Class Power Plant
— Cisco IP Telephony Solution
— Robust and scalable dialer solution
— Top Tier IT infrastructure
— Redundant Internet connections
— Best in Class Security Infrastructure

Investment in Employee Retention
– Outstanding work environment
– Lowest turnover in El Salvador
– Staff Motivation programs
– Excellent benefits and pay package

This is a company that provides American style management and reliability, with lower cost, higher growth potential and flexibility/scalability. They are able to provide a truly scalable solution from end to end. With extensive and proven experience in Back Office Processing and a team of Native and near native English Speaking Agents.

El Salvador like many countries in the region has a large community of young people who grew up in the U.S. during their Civil War days, and have returned to their homeland. These people tend to be educated, technologically sophisticated and have strong work ethics. TOG has built a solid foundation on this type of employee and has hundreds of qualified applicants waiting in the wings.

I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with TOG in growth, and look forward to the organization continuing to grow. Please contact me if you have an interest in hearing more.

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  1. Ivy Young - Outsourcing Management Says:

    Brilliant article on outsourcing method I have been looking for more information about it because I am planning to hire web designers and article writers for my new project. I heard the Philippines gives lots of excellent services recently. We tried working with outsourced solutions and we were quite satisfied with the results. At the moment my partner and I have 2 article copy writers hired however I am still looking for extra employees. Cheers this was very useful hope to see more from you.

  2. Lizzie Says:

    I have been trying to get into Office Guru…left my resume and have been trying to contact someone in the Recruiting department…Is it they are not hiring? please respond…

  3. Gina - Outsourcing Solution Says:

    We have expanded our affiliate promotion business and we’re researching ways to get decent outsourced staff. I am exploring the internet for some info for this.

    In case you have any contacts could you recommend some? Thanks.

  4. Jacob Lopez - The Office Gurus, Says:

    I have been working at The Office Gurus for about a year and a half, and i can tell you we would fulfill your expectations.

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