Palm may have finaly gotten it right!

Brighthand and Palm Addicts are reporting the announcement of the long anticipated Treo 680.

The DigitalLife conference is going on now in New York, and Palm, Inc. is currently holding a press conference to announce its latest Treo smartphone.Brighthand’s Brian Beeler is in attendance, and will be sending in reports on what Palm is announcing.

So far he has said:

Treo 680 in multiple “fun” colors to reach out to the average user.

Promising a great price point, but won’t talk pricing today. Said it will be competitive so expect $200 or so, is my guess.

If it is $200, consider it bought on this end. Nothing yet on Palm’s site. 1src has all the details.

Engadget has a blow by blow update.

1:17PM: …in multiple fun colors! Great new price point — won’t get into specifics today.

1:18PM: But it will be very competitively priced. Graphite, Copper, Arctic, and Crimson are the new colors. Snazzy.

1:19PM: We’re pushing the design to make it more phone-like; we want to expand geographically and demographically. We’ve been very successful in the States, and we have many carrier partners around the world.

1:20PM: We just launched the Treo 750v with our partner Vodafone — that product will come to the rest of the world. Same will be true with the Treo 680.

1:21PM: [Doing demo of the Treo 680] This is for featurephone upgraders: we know this is the ideal formfactor for a phone of this class.

1:22PM: [Running down features] Support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files, 64MB of RAM, VGA camera, Bluetooth and infrared. What’s unique? Brand new phone application and UI. Full user guide on the device. Includes wired car kit application [have to buy a kit, of course]. Hold launcher key to get “most recently used applications.” New five tab home screen. Simplified favorites view. Integrated contacts, built directly into the phone application. Active call thumbnails. Easy multiway conference calls. VersaMail 3.5, now includes Exchange contacts sync. Improved addressing. AutoSync any combo of mail, calendar, contacts. Includes Docs To Go Professional v8.0 for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

1:24PM: Multimedia: new pictures and videos applications, add music to slideshow, save a picture as contact directly from album. Pocket Tunes comes included. Voice memo application.

1:25PM: Streaming media: supports both audio and video, WMA and WMV support. Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, lacks antenna (finally). Moved SD memory card slot to the side (madness!).

1:26PM: Partner demos: Yahoo! Music, Six Apart (for blogging), Google Maps. You get 30 days of Yahoo Music Unlimited with purchase.

1:27PM: There’s a mobile version of TypePad. Now they’re showing off Google Maps for Treo — traffic info included (sweet).

1:28PM: Color us impressed: Google Maps on this thing is pretty hot.

1:30PM: [Demo is over, back to the overview stuff] We’re going after the “mobile accomplisher” market. Nine times the size of the mobile professional market. Here’s that 680 customer, hasn’t purchased a Treo or any kind of smartphone before. There are other things that smartphones give you access to beyond email and calendar…

1:32PM: We’ve doing a new advertising campaign in partnership with Yahoo, eBay, and Google to highlight these new features. We’ve improved the browser so that it caches these pages and is faster at delivering content.

Damn, this thing is going to be HOT! The 64Mb of memory alone is enough to demand an upgrade, but the updated software will make it an instant best seller. Not only do you get more memory, but many of the third party applications I use now will be unnecessary with the improvements in the stock, in ROM applications. SWEET!

I will pay $400 for an unlocked version of this phone!

Update: It’s up on Palm’s Site!

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Now if Palm Manages to bring this phone in at the right pricepoint, and quickly offers a reasonably priced unlocked unit, this phone will likely destroy much of the competition. From a business perspective, this phone has the potential to offer some real advantages over what is out there at the moment. Palm’s legendary ease of use will always trump the complicated mess that is Windows Mobile for Smartphones, and from what I have read on the Palm Site, it appears that they have significantly upped the ante with this device. It will likely be something of a dissapointment to the faithful that Palm once again did not include Wifi, but I am more than satisfied that this phone will meet all of my business and personal needs.

Now that the “cat is out of the bag,” so to speak, lets see how long it takes Palm to get these into the channel.

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