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I am a mobile executive. It is the nature of not only who I am, but also what I do.  My purchase of a Palm Treo 650 a few months back, was probably one of the best investments I have ever made. I have been an iambic Agendus fan for many years now, going back to the Action Names days.

As a busy consultant, I am almost never stationary, and I depend on my Treo to be my “office, away from the office.” It manages my agenda, alows me to carry important documents while away from my computer, acts as my messenger (via SMS) and has always on, Blackberry style push email.  But the Agenda function is second only to email in importance to me.

I am always looking for an edge in managing my business, and Iambic has given me that edge with it’s outstanding time and project management features. Lets start with Agendus Premier.

Agendus Premier Takes the Hassle Out of Scheduling Meetings

Sending Appointment Invitations
Simply choose contacts from your address book, create the meeting’s description, and Agendus will send a SMS (text message) immediately to the invitees.

Checking for Free Time
Agendus automatically scans invitees’ schedules for availability (if they have Agendus installed as well) and informs them if detects a conflict in their calendars

When the intelligent notification arrives, the invitee can accept or decline without delay.

Tracking Responses
Agendus keeps track of responses so you’ll know exactly how many people accepted, declined, or have not replied to your meeting in real time.

With Premier I am able to intelligently manage my schedule while on the run. If the person I am trying to schedule a meeting with has a Treo, the features are even more powerful. My biggest enemy is time, and Agendus helps me to control it in ways that are both powerful and flexible, and it even has an outlook plugin.

3.jpgAll exciting stuff, but yesterday, Iambic introduced a simple, yet powerful augmentation to the system. It is called YourCall, and it quite simply COMPLETES my Treo.

YourCall integrates with Agendus, and the phone application on your Treo. When you recieve or make a call and end the call, a dialogue like the one at the left appears on the phone and allows you to immediately create an action in Agendus. This has been very helpful to me already. I recieved several calls today relating to meetings I have scheduled for Friday. Normally I would try to remember to later make a note in my Treo regarding any follow up actions. This is a lot easier for me since I have Call Record, which automatically records all my phone calls, and I can refer to the recordings later as cheat notes, but YourCall really automates the process of setting up next steps.

Today, after each call, I was prompted with the action screen, and quickly scheduled a meeting and several tasks directly from the screen after the call. The call information was also automatically logged in Agendus. For $10, this is a piece of must have software. Keep an eye on iambic. They have some really compelling solutions for the executive on the go, or even for just busy people who need to keep their schedules and work on track.

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