Sony Ericsson did it right with Xperia X1

sony-ericsson-xperia-x1 As much as I am disappointed with the Sony Vaio P, I am in LOVE with the Xperia!

I had been looking at the Experia for a while, and the best I found was about $1500 in Costa Rica, and $800 Plus via Amazon, which after taxes and shipping would have easilly hit $1000 or more. I found the Xperia in Guatemala for about $850, and the only real downside is that the OS is in Spanish. Now you are probably asking, “si, but dont you speak spanish,” and my answer is, have you ever seen how messed up anything in Spanish from Microsoft is?

The phone has a slick user interphase, including Panels, an exclusive feature on this phone that enables you to change the startup screen on the fly. 20080524-xperia-x1-sony-ericsson The phone has a solid feel to it that says QUALITY, and the style is oh so James Bond. Man, the keyboard, that slides out from under the touch screen is the bomb, and makes messaging on this thing about as pleasant as messaging on my Blackberry. The built in GPS system and other tools are very Bondlike, and provide everything you need to feel “cool and sophisticated.”

The office applications are not bad either, but I must admit that I like the way Documents to Go handles office files more than Microsoft’s own platform. Go figure… It is a little smaller than I originaly thought, but hey… in the world of shrinking cell phones, thats a feature. Each of my tech toys has a name, this one I have dubbed Lightsaber.

The X1 is a solid piece of hardware. My only complaints come with the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. Microsoft could learn a lot from RIM when it comes to Blackberry OS. On the X1 there are occasional speed problems (especially in responding to dialogues, and the screen occasionally gets out of wack or misaligned, all solved by a quick reboot (so windows…).

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  1. mobilephoneonly Says:

    I am also a big fan of the Sony Ericsson X1 and got my X1 as soon as it hit the UK market. It feels great to hold in hand, the sliding action is smooth and sound, the 3.2MP camera is denct and can make good images and the music player is pleasant companion to while away the time, i love this phone.

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