Sony Vaio P, high on Style, low on Performance

So I know you guys have been dying to know what new toys I picked up on my latest trip. Well lets just say I got some bling,vaiop and I picked up a toy I have been wanting for a long, long time, but refused to be ROBBED in Costa Rica. That toy cost me about $600 less than the best price in Costa Rica, which shall be the subject of a rant very soon.

Perhaps the most exciting purchase I made…. At least at first, was to buy one of the new Sony Vaio P subnotebooks. I actually got the thing for just a bit more than the U.S. retail price, of $900. While I have not seen it in Costa Rica, I have no doubt that robbersetailers will charge double that when it becomes available. passort_white_-_front_right_copy_610x426

At any rate it is not worth half the price I paid. With an underpowered 1.33 Mhz Atom processor, 60 GB Hard Drive and 2 GB’s of memory, the Vaio P is a Pig wearing lipstick. Even with a stripped down Windows Vista Home Basic install, it is slow as molasses in the winter. I think I could almost tolerate the ridiculously slow start times, and even the application launches that take an entire lunchbreak. What I cant tolerate is the windows screen redraws that are so bad, they make using the P almost painful. The other day it took so long to launch Outlook that I rebooted the unit. Even with a 4GB readyboost, it is still slow.

I I can not recommend this thing to anyone for anything other than a Starbucks companion (You know, read email, check CNN, etc.) It is perhaps one of the coolest looking pieces of kit I have ever used and never fails to turn heads the way my Macbook Air used to. (I should have kept that machine).

I think the Vaio P has the potential to be a great little machine, perhaps in Rev. 2. For now I cant really recommend that my Tech Bretheren invest in this. Oh and one other bone to pick with Sony, accessories… I mean $250 for a 250 GB hard external hard drive. $200 for a Optical Drive…. Eh… NO! And $90 for a leather portfolio style case that has room for…. Yeah just the P, not even the power cord, is ridiculous. Best to avoid the P series for now.

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