IAOP Meeting Highlights!

Ready for my Speech The IAOP Meeting in Guatemala was fantastic. Once again some of the top outsourcing professionals in the region came together for a couple of days of socializing and strategy sessions that are sure to continue to build excitement in the region.

I was honored with the opportunity to sit on a panel with a group of Industry Heavyweights, and to present a speech about the Call Center Industry in Costa Rica, and my own vision for the region. I am very proud of my role in building the contact center and BPO industry in Central and Latin America, but this was the first time when I have had a chance to sit with peers and discuss the history of the region.

Exciting to see all the things that are happening, including some pretty amazing growth in Guatemala. I am looking forward to watching that growth continue and giving it a gentle nudge when I can. I have not worked in Guate for a couple of years now, but hope some opportunities will come along to do so.

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The Business Adventures of an Expat Call Center Guru in Costa Rica