Speaking at the IAOP Central America Chapter Meeting!

Got this in the mail last week….

Dear David,

I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to the IAOP meeting in Guatemala next month, that you are already well aware of.

Your contribution as a speaker/panelist on this event would be much appreciated. I am envisioning a presentation titled something like:
“Central America: How it all got started – Plus, the Costa Rican Story”

It would be really great to hear your stories about setting up the Acer call center in the 80s in Costa Rica, and just your viewpoint of the last 20, then 10, then 5, and perhaps just the last 2 years of what’s been going on in all the countries and the region as a whole. Your bird’s eye view of it all is something that very few of the conference attendees has, and I think they will benefit plenty from hearing about it.

We can only offer that you come pro bono, but we hope that it is an opportunity that leads to other opportunities for you. We are hoping to have another very succesful chapter meeting like the innagural one in Managua that you attended.

in hopes of your response,


PS: Chris Disher, the Chair of our Central America Chapter, is copied on this email.

Estuardo Jose Robles
Business & Economic Development

This is quite an honor. I will be sitting on a panel with some real industry heavyweights. The meeting is April 23rd in Guatemala city. Hope to see some of you there. IAOP or the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, is a worldwide organization of professionals in the outsourcing industry.

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