Busy Morning

Working with my Assistant (Youngest Daughter), Apollonia

Working with my Assistant

Today I set out to get some work done on my/our internet presence. Part of my problem has been that we started the Utopia Group with no REAL Web Strategy. The domains were purchased and the not much more than setting up email accounts was done on most of them. The Grupo Utopia Site is woefully out of date in terms of the amount of business we have done, and the things we have accomplished, including playing a MAJOR role in the development of the contact center industry in Nicaragua in the last two years.
The domains I have collected over the years, including:

Grupo Utopia
Solutions Costa Rica
Contact Centers Central America
and my Own personal domain: David Scott Anderson dot net

Have always been whimsical creations, with little thought to what purpose they would serve. I have invested hundreds of dollars in web software, but I suck as a designer, and getting good web design work done here in Costa Rica is like pulling teeth of a Polar Bear…. OR costa a small fortune.

The Grupo Utopia Website has been my flagship site for years, but it is, as I said, out of date and honestly it has been hard for people to remember the address for email. So some changes are coming, including moving the company site to Utopia Group dot Net. I am also breaking my personal blog, which was at one time one of the top blogs in Latin America, out of my Business Domain, and giving it its own site, (URL to come, as it is in development).

Today I did a little work on cleaning up my domain mess, registering some new ones, and doing a little strategic planning which should show some results over the coming weeks.

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