Kindle for iPhone is pretty sweet…

Kindle for iphone screen

Kindle for iphone screen

In fact, it is so damned good that I have probably blown about $200 in the last few days of using it. This despite the fact that I have a backlog of must reads that will take me the better part of the next six months to finish.

There are some very nice titles available. Here is a sample of my reading list.

Pro Blogger – Chris Garrett
Million Dollar Consulting – Alan Weiss
Who Stole My Cheese -Ilene Hochberg
Morals and Dogma – Albert Pike 33o
On Writing – Stephen King

Yes, the screen is a bit small, yes the platform is limited… For example I can not download Magazines and Newspapers. But its cool. Add the Kindle capabilities to my Audible account, and I am good to go on reading material. Which is a good thing, since finding English Language books in Costa Rica can be a challenge.

I gave up my iPhone a couple weeks back and moved to a Blackberry, but I bought a 32 GB iPod Touch while in Guatemala back in November of last year, so I am all good. Love the Touch.


One of the things I love about the Touch is that it gives me the same type of capabilities of my old Palm Handhelds (And isn’t that a sad story), with HUGE memory and functionality enhancements. I used to be an absolute Palm fanatic, until they pushed unstable operating systems, and unstable products (Think Palm Lifedrive… Which had HUGE potential, if it would only work for more than a couple of hours without rebooting.)

The touch has become a very cool multipurpose tool for me. Combine it with Mobile Me, and I have a fairly reliable Push solution for my Calendar, Email and Contacts. Its actually over the top cool.

But this is not about my iPod, its about Kindle for the iPhone/iPod. And what I can tell you is that I carry a pretty nice library in my pocket, along with a quite nice PDA and Music/Video player that simply rocks, and does not get knocked for a loop when the calendar changes.

5 Responses to “Kindle for iPhone is pretty sweet…”

  1. Teri Says:

    Here’s a tangentially related question. I have a friend from Colorado moving to Costa Rica next month (Lake Arenal area). She has been told she won’t be able to get wireless for a couple of long months (years maybe). She is quite the bibliophile and I’m wondering if I buy her a going away present of a Kindle if she would be able to download books when she got to a wireless location, or if the downloadable books only go through the Sprint system….I’m confused…any help available?

  2. David Anderson Says:

    It will be useless. There is no Sprint Network in Costa Rica. And arround Arenal it may be years before she even gets a phone line.

  3. Teri Says:

    Darn, That’s bad news. But it saved me $500 for an extravagant, useless going away present. Many thanks!

  4. felipe hangen Says:

    That comment is absurd.

    In the arenal area, you probably get a landline where ever you buy/rent. But if not yet installed, you’ll get yours installed in less than a month. I asure you. And for wireless, well, you can get cable or DSL.. which ever you prefer, waiting time for cable .. jmm 2 days? DSL sameday the land line is installed.

    You can also go for the GPRS/EDGE on your cellphone..

    cheers, tell your friend Arenal area rules!.. Viva San Carlos!

  5. kindle3gwifi-guy Says:

    The buttons have been redesigned and moving the Prev/Next buttons on both sides makes is easy for anyone. The 3G is absolutely worth it.It’s international, so you have the ability to buy a new book where ever you’re at anytime.

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