Can you be “TOO” connected?

tungsten.gifI am often called the most connected man in Costa Rica, for reason. I have been one of the principle and FIRST promoters of wireless technology in Costa Rica.

I am always connected via wifi or GSM/GPRS, and clients are often surprised that even when out of the office, I always answer my email within minutes, thanks to Chattermail and my Palm Treo 650.

Well, I have just added a new tool to my already formidable arsenal of communications tools.

Causerie Unified messenger, is another in the long list of “killer apps,” available for the Palm Treo platform.

With Causerie running on my Palm in background mode, I am literally always connected to my instant messenger clients. Many times I receive emails from international clients who are looking for a quick answer to a question… With Causerie, I can now offer them the opportunity to talk in REAL time, rather than playing email or phone tag.

The only concern I have, is am I TOO connected.

With Phone, SMS, email and now chat. There is almost no reason a person can not have instant access to me. I have a couple of small issues with Causerie, it seems to reset my device if I lose connectivity with the GPRS system, when Causerie senses it is reconnecting and it tries to auto restart.

This may be perception on my part, since I recently installed a couple of new applications to the Treo. It also does not see Chattermail as my email client, which is a pain, because I do not use the built in Versamail. Overall though, the application rocks, and adds a new dimension to my connectivity options. Too connected? I don’t know. When it comes to being able to communicate with my clients and potential clients, that does not seem possible…

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