Smart Move by Apple

This showed up in one of the listserves I belong to today.


Here’s a link to one article about it. They are probably lots of others though.

The info on the Apple store page looks like it has been updated but I
didn’t see anything new yet on Apple support “tech specs” page.

Looks like the CPU went from a nominal 2.1 GHz down to “only” 2.0 GHz.
Of course, the change from 1 to 2 GB of RAM plus the slightly faster
Front Side Bus no doubt ends up making the upgraded version faster.
The NVIDIA graphics probably also make a big difference particularly
if they have better hardware video decode than the Intel GMA 3100 …
which from which I’ve read here recently seems likely.

However, the RAM used on the upgraded white MacBook is still DDR2
PC2-5300 versus the DDR3 PC3-8500 used in the aluminum unibody
MacBooks. That would continue to give the higher end MacBooks a
(slight) performance edge, particularly when running a very RAM access
intensive app.

Apple arguably sells the most overprices hardware in the personal computer space. And those of us living outside of the United States pay a premium over the already high prices. So to see this news today, I thought to myself…. Apple is finally doing something smart when it comes to providing a decent value for the consumer level buyer.

For me, I never even considered one of he PlasticMacs, and yes I know that they are not actually made of plastic, but poly something or another. Who cares… I am an aluminum guy.

Nevertheless, for anyone looking to run Mac OS X and perhaps Windows as well. This is a damned good value.

I will stick to my Macbook Pros….

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