Blackberry Service Comes to Costa Rica

Blackberry Service, common to most of the industrialized world, has finally come to Costa Rica. I picked up a brand spanking new 8120 on Monday. This after waiting nearly 3 months for a line.

Of course ICE, (The Costa Rican Telecomunications Monopoly), offered only two models of Blackberry devices, the Pearl, which I purchased directly from ICE, and the Curve, which I would have prefered. However according to my friendly ICE Representatives, the curve would either be available the end of the month, or sometimes in Mid February, which means probably around Christmas of this year. I ended up buying the 8120, or the Pearl, which I have since fell in love with, despite the fact that I have used a Curve in Nicaragua for the last year, and thought I would not like the smaller form factor of the Pearl.
I don’t want to tell you how much ICE charged me for the phone, I will only add that I saw it on sale at a local store today for about 30% LESS! I was told by my ICE sales rep that ICE currently has NO roaming agreements with other countries for BB service, which does not surprise me at all, since ICE traditionaly is YEARS behind everyone else in innovation, and service is an unknown concept to them.

The good news is that at least here in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the service seems to work very well. I have been pleasantly surprised with the signal strength and reliability of the service.

5 Responses to “Blackberry Service Comes to Costa Rica”

  1. Charmin Chance Says:

    Good Day,

    I am moving to Costa Rica, teaching english to professional in San Jose’.

    Arriving 13.July.2010. Where would I be able to pick up this phone??


  2. davidscottanderson Says:

    You cant. Only Citizens or those with a recognized Costa Rican company can buy and use a Blackberry here.

  3. Matthew Says:

    You can get a cell phone if you have a registered address with your name on it, but if your renting, this is hard to do as when you rent all utilities stay under the owners name as to switch it is very complicated.

  4. Joseph O'Bryan Says:

    I have lots of spare parts and accessories. Does any one know of a vendor who buys these items for resale in San Jose?
    Contact me at:

    Here is my craigslist link:

  5. Corinne Says:


    Never wrote on any blogs before but I was wondering if anyone can help or if I can help :

    I work out of home in the Costa Rican country. I use and abuse of the Internet. I have an intelligent phone since the 3g came out.

    I first had a Sony Ericson Experia and had a Blackberry curve after. The Blackberry never worked with the internet or the wi fi. My Sony Ericson died last week. I bought a BBerry Bold 9000 unlocked. Same thing. Works fine for the phone but no wifi or internet. Ice says that I have to have a BlackBerry package. Its 24$ before any use of the phone or internet datas. This doesn’t make sense to me. Any way around this? If not, I’m interested to sale my brand new Black Berry Bold 9000 with the screen protection and the case for very cheap (comparing to the store prices in Costa Rica). Any idea anyone? Any interest to buy?



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