Jetbox is toast!

Remember my struggles with my mail forwarder, Jetbox? Well I officially made the move back to Aerocasillas last week, and they ROCK!

I did several test purchases from between Friday of last week and Monday of this week. Aerocasillas provides a SWEET online tracking ability.

I am able to register the packages before they even arrive in Miami, including tracking numbers, and tax information. The result… The whole system is just more professional. In fact, before I even get the notification that the package is ready to be picked up, I already know how much it will cost me to get it out. Not to mention that AC Customer service has been EXCELLENT! I have sent three emails to them, and gotten responses within HOURS, IN ENGLISH! Lets see… The last couple of times I sent emails to Jetbox I got….

A threat that they were going to sick lawyers on me? I’ll pass…

People, if you live in Costa Rica, and want to get your packages on time with little hassle and reasonable cost, JOIN Aerocasillas. And if you have Jetbox, take your calculator with you every time you go to pick up a package… You know, just to see how bad you are being screwed.

One Response to “Jetbox is toast!”

  1. Harry Says:

    Hi, Today I closed my box on Jetbox, Last week I went to Miami, then sent 3 laptops by Jetbox, and get one broken!!! They just paid $400 for it, but I have to wait another Memorial Day to get that price, so who pays the fly and hotel to get laptops on sale?? They didn’t!!

    Also has the same problem with tax exemption, called 3 weeks after one car parts package arrives to Jetbox Miami, and they said that can’t do anything because I didn’t gave a tracking number! $150 on taxes!!

    I hope Aerocasillas can do a good job.

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