The tool that should be included with every install of MS Entourage!


That my friends, is a picture of my completely populated address book in Mac OS X, something I have been struggling with for a week. Plaxo which has saved me before by keeping a web based version of the address book, completely trashed the Mac OS X version, putting tons of nonsense into my MacBook Pro’s address book, ad Microsoft Entourage.

Then I discovered this hot little program. $10 and about 5 minutes later, I had installed it on my PC, paid for a serial, and imported 477 addresses, PERFECTLY. I would pay $25 bucks for what this program does. It will also import all or some of my archived emails. I will get around to that soon, but all I can say is if you are moving to a Mac, this is a must HAVE tool.
And Microsoft should buy these guys and make this a free utility.

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