New Mac and Booming Outsourcing Opportunities = Neglected Blog!

Yesterday I picked up my new toy to add to my MacBook Pro.

Yeah its SICK backing up wirelessly to a 500GB hard drive…

Yeah, with a sexy Macbook Pro, I should be blogging more…

Yeah, yeah, yeah….

Its called making money folks. The reason you don’t hear from me too often these days is because I am usually jetting off to some exotic country to build a new call center. Wish I had more time for this…

Hell, even my Mugus are getting antsy…

The truth of the matter is that business has been very good and I am working with a couple of Call Centers, OBS in Costa Rica, and Intelligent Outsourcing, in Nicaragua. Both of these operations represent the best of what outsourcing is all about in Central America, and are both candidates for investment by my client, a multinational outsourcing company with strong roots in the technology sector.

Manfred Kissling, the President of OBS has been a friend and business mentor of mine for a couple of years now. He is known for his “Midas Touch,” in business in Costa Rica, and owns a number of diversified businesses. Eduardo Salvo, President of Intelligent Outsourcing, is a scion of Nicaragua’s famous Salvo family, owners of the regional giant Eskimo Ice Cream brand. I have been informally consulting with both companies for about six months, on how to grown their call center businesses, and this new opportunity presents the best opportunity yet to capitalize on that development.

I had lunch on Tuesday and Thursday with potential clients for my call centers, and hope to be able to bring each of them some new business in the coming months, as they move towards an alliance with my current client. I am still working hard to build a community of people interested in outsourcing to Central America on Linked in. See my groups as listed on my Linkedin profile for more details.

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I continue to try to educate people on the benefits of social networking, especially on sites like Linkedin, but many people are just lazy and really dont understand the benefit of doing a little self marketing.

Anyway, now you know why I have been neglecting the blog lately…. I AM loving the MacBook Pro, and by this time in two weeks, may even have my hands on a Macbook Air…

After all, I need to put that three computer license for Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac to good use, right? Hehe

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One Response to “New Mac and Booming Outsourcing Opportunities = Neglected Blog!”

  1. Jose Centeno Says:

    Hi David

    I was looking at one of these macbooks at Best Buy last week.
    and let me tell you,I got to get me one of these!!

    Keep up the good work your doing in central america…
    Best of luck.


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