Never use Jetbox for mail forwarding!

I was a long time user of aerocasillas, to deliver my mail from my U.S. Post Office box to Costa Rica. I left them after two years because they were simply too expensive and too slow. I went through a smaller provider for a while, and while I liked them, they took up to a month at times to deliver a package.

Last year, Jetbox appeared in my local mall. I signed up with them because they were close to my home and I had heard some good things about them…. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Jetbox has nice people working for them. Stephanie, the young woman who runs the branch where my stuff comes, is especially pleasant to deal with. But they are the worst service I have ever used in Costa Rica. I am constantly and grievously overcharged (Example, I paid $28 in shipping and taxes on a $20 baseball cap.)

I just ordered an Apple Time Capsule. I am entitled to $500 of tax exemption per year, so I applied for the exemption for this product. I was then told that even though it would be exempt from taxes, Jetbox would charge me $40-$50 for “processing,” whatever the hell that means…. NO, let me tell what it means… “If I can not pad the taxes you pay normally and steal from you in the process, I will just charge you some bogus fee and do it that way.” I was sent to a web form to fill out for my exemption. I filled it out, but did not have a tracking number from the ebay vendor who sold it to me. SOOOOOOOO I go by Jetbox today and am told I will have to pay like $75 taxes anyway, or about 25% of the value of what I ordered, and that my product, despite the fact that it arrived in Costa Rica on Monday of this week, would get to me sometimes the middle of next week.

My advice to any of my readers who may be in Costa Rica, DO NOT USE these people, they are the worst forwarder I have every used, and as soon as I have this package in hand, I will be changing back to aerocasillas!

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  1. Expat Guru » Blog Archive » Update on Jetbox Fiasco! Says:

    […] she is basically saying is, “We have a great rep, you put that stuff on your web site, and we want it off, so ‘can we […]

  2. Bongo International CS Says:

    You should check out Bongo International at

    I work for them and we have been growing like crazy. The rates are great (50% off DHL prices) because of the large volume. Check it out and feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

  3. davidscottanderson Says:

    I already moved to Aerocasillas and am very happy with them.

  4. Tanya Says:

    I suggest Lil’Shoppa. ( They are really small, personalised and fast. They specialise in international package forwarding, like if you want to buy something from a US website that doesn’t ship internationally. They are pay-per-use, a flat 15% fee of your purchase plus postage. that’s it! No memberships or processing fees. And they give away free stuff too. Highly recommended.

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