Vista stinks… I make to move to Mac!

A couple of weeks ago, my high end Dell notebook crashed, resulting in a complete format. It was my fault. I am not going to go into the ugly details, but I will say that it was the sad conclusion of months of struggling with Windows Vista. I liked much about Vista, and in fact this piece is being written on my HP Tablet PC, but the driver issues, constant security warnings, etc, just made working a chore. Not to mention the issues of finding a damned key everytime I need to install software I OWN! I couldnt find my Windows key, so my Dell is now running Ubuntu. And other than not being able to watch all my videos, and pulling my hair out trying to sync my iPhone…. Ubuntu is a helluva lot more fun and stable.

Colleagues on Linkedin have been telling me for months that I should switch to a Macbook Pro, but I hesitated due to the high cost of the configuration I wanted.


Well, thanks to a client, I am making the switch guiltlessly.
By the end of this week. I should be up and running on a brand new Macbook Pro! And I am going to spring for this amazing piece of tech

Thanks to all my friends on Linkedin… By the way, are you on Linked in yet?!

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  1. Phil Hughes Says:

    Linux is the right answer. Everything in our office is Linux. But, I have an excuse. I started

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