In Managua

It seems like forever since I last wrote anything. You guys know what that means…
I am working hard… Still doing business in Nicaragua right now. I am helping an existing call center to get up to speed for a new client.

This year continues the pattern of last year in being good for business… I have also been working very hard to help a friend in Costa Rica to build his call center business… I am not at liberty to mention any names at the moment, but things are moving nicely.

The Counsel.jpg

This recent picture was taken at a lunch in Costa Rica with the owners of the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan Centers. This week I am in Managua doing some training for the owners of the Nicaraguan Center.

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  1. Rudy Says:

    Congratulations for your succes in the CentralAmerica area, I think that the call center business is having good chances in that area, they are growing and with the adventages that offer every country about taxation and cheaper wages you can do a lot.

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