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The next generation of email tools is here and it is called Xobni!

Xobni: outlook add-in for your inbox

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So a cool Google alert came across my inbox today. Xobni has been featured in a Newsweek story titled “Reinventing the Inbox.” We did an interview with Chris Flavelle a few weeks back on the innovation that is beginning to take place in the ancient internet communication application – email. Chris did an awesome job describing the recent innovation led by companies like Yahoo and us here at Xobni.

And beg, borrow or steal an invite. This is going to be a very power full addition to my communications arsenal….

You all know that I am a techie. I believe that technology has an incredible capacity to improve and change our lives. Many of us “live,” in our mailbox a great part of our day. For someone like me who runs a consultancy, relationships are EVERYTHING, and efficiency is the key to being able to put food on my table. Outlook can be a powerful tool. Microsoft still has not gotten it completely right with Outlook. It still irritates me that I cant get plugins to load consistently, or that I can get toolbars to stay in place when I exit and restart Outlook.

Tools like this one provide usability that should be built in to the product, and more. Xobni is almost like a mini CRM, where relationships are the key to managing your email and how you interact with those who you are emailing. This is some COOL stuff. I am excited about using this tool. Will report back after a week or so of using it.

2 Responses to “Email and Relationship Management”

  1. Matt Brezina Says:

    Hey David,

    I love how you compare Xobni to a mini CRM. We feel the same way. We are looking to break down the silos between communication mediums (email, IM), social networking, and relationship management software.

    I hope you enjoy!


  2. davidscottanderson Says:

    Thanks for putting together a piece of revolutionary software! I am enjoying using it.

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