Interesting Analysis of Central America’s Contact Center prospects

You may have saw my post the other day about Sitel’s announcement that they are moving into Nicaragua. All in all, this news did not take me by surprise, as much as it delighted me in confirming my own pronouncements that Nicaragua was going to develop as an amazing new “green field,” in the Outsourcing business. I may not ever be as rich as some of my Indian peers, but I will always be proud of my role in starting the industry in Central America. This is a very interesting analysis, (From Sitel), of prospects in Latin America. All of this should come as very good news to my friends and clients in the business.

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  1. Expat Guru » Blog Archive » CRM Buyer Interview Says:

    […] Until recently, there was very little competition in the virgin territory of Managua. With the arrival of Sitel, the ante will be upped in Managua as […]

  2. outsourcing providers Philippines Says:

    Congratulations on helping to make a new and exciting call center venture. Best of luck to you and your business!

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