Nicaragua grows its Call Center Industry

I have been saying for a while that Nicaragua has incredible potential in the call center arena.. The fact that Call Center giant Sitel, is setting up shop, more or less validates that assessment.

Marketwire – Sitel, a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, today announced it will open a customer care facility in Managua, Nicaragua in April 2008. Sitel’s new multi-channel contact center will strengthen the Company’s ability to provide high-quality, multilingual customer care and technical support solutions to leading companies worldwide. The 14,747-square-foot facility located at Torre Invercasa No. II, Frente al Colegio la Salle, is expected to staff more than 250 associates with the capacity for an additional 180 seats. Sitel’s recent expansion to Nicaragua demonstrates growing demand among Sitel clients for Latin America-based contact center support.

“Latin America is a key part of the growing near-shore horizon to support English and Spanish bilingual customers in North America,” said Dave Garner, CEO of Sitel. “Nicaragua offers a talented bilingual workforce to support our clients. We’re proud to expand Sitel’s presence in the region.”

I have been advising clients and prospective clients to give Nicaragua a look. The fact is that Nicaragua offers a huge pool of talented bi-lingual workers, many of them with years of experience living in the U.S., and several mature and growing call center operations. I have had the pleasure of working with, advising or evaluating several of these operations, and see incredible potential in the market.

Being right next door to Costa Rica, everyone’s favorite location in Central America for Call Centers, Nicaragua has suffered from the success of Costa Rica. But that is changing. As the market in Costa Rica has reached a saturation point, and competition for qualified bi-lingual agents gets tighter, Nicaragua’s young industry and wealth of young, U.S. educated and culture-ized talent, (A result of the children of Nicaragua’s war refugees returning home), is becoming more and more attractive.

Visiting one of the call centers in Managua and hanging out with the kids during break, is like hanging out in Miami, Houston or Los Angeles. Close your eyes and listen to the accents… or lack thereof. Listen to the hip hop slang, the music pouring out of car windows or radios in the break room, and you will swear you are in the U.S. Ad to this the lower cost of doing business in Nicaragua, the lower cost of living, and the relative lack of competition for local talent, and you have a very interesting formula for success.

I have spent the last year developing relationships and contacts in Nicaragua. I believe it will be one of the top locations for Call Center development in 2008 and beyond, anyone looking to establishing or growing a Latin American presence will do wise to give Nicaragua a look.

I will be looking very closely at developments in Managua, and focusing quite a bit of my time there in the next year. For additional information about the industry in Managua, and the rest of Nicaragua, contact me.

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  2. Jose Centeno Says:


    David, I have visited your site several times and I’m very happy to see that the call center industry is a success in central america specially in Nicaragua.

    I was not aware that this industry was growing at a rapid rate and with such success,I am in the call industry myself here in the us.

    Keep up the good work….

    Jose C

  3. paul Says:

    looking for acontact call center

  4. KPO India Says:

    That is great news for NIcaragua then. I hope in some way it will help in the growth of their economy.

  5. Darell Slaff Says:

    where can i buy do not call list for UK?

  6. outsourcing providers Philippines Says:

    Thanks for the information. Glad to see that the continuous growth of the BPO industry is opening up a lot of job opportunities around the globe.

  7. Matthew Vargas Says:

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  8. davidscottanderson Says:

    What do you mean by Directory?

  9. Pablo Brun Says:

    Hello Mr. Anderson,
    We are a Contact Center based in Montevideo, Uruguay and we are evaluating the option of opening a new facility in Managua. We would like to contact you in order to get more information about the industry.
    Pablo Brun

  10. Mr Call Center Says:

    It’s great to see any call center service thriving. This could be a good start to providing more services to other countries.

  11. Alicia Atwater Says:

    Seeking a new call center in Nicaragua with experience in generating Education leads.

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