Accomplice… My Mobile Assistant


I have been a user of Accomplice for close to a year now. I am such a big fan, that I am actually quoted on their web site

Accomplice is described as,

“a softftware application that helps busy professionals like you manage your to-dos, goals, and notes, then sync them with your team.

This isn’t some trivial to-do list, and it isn’t an overweight project management suite. Accomplice has just the ingredients you really need to stay on top of your busy life, integrated into an intuitive and flexible system.
It works online and offline, integrates with Outlook and other software you already use, and syncs with your PDA. Oh, by the way, it’s free.”

I have the pro version of the software. which cost me $30 per year, now the only difference at this point, is that the free version is sponsorware, which means you will see ad links in some parts of the software. They are very unobtrusive and really did not bother me at all, but this is killer software, and killer software should be supported, so I paid for it, even though I did not have to to gain any real features.

For an organization freak like me, Accomplice is the perfect accessory. It is like a dashboard for my personal and professional life. And the best thing about it is that I can carry it with me on my U3 Drive, and use it as a fully connected project management tool, sharing task and other information, securely with other Accomplice users.

What exactly “is” Accomplice?

Accomplice’s patented desktop software provides an easy, portable Activity Management system that organizes all the things you need to get done, and synchronizes them with your team. The software features a “smart” task list and cross-linked notebook, plugged into a secure peer-to-peer network. Activities (goals and to-dos) can be sub-tasked, prioritized, scheduled, delegated, and tracked. Supporting information can be turned into notes and linked to activities. It can integrate with Outlook or other email systems if you want it to (e.g. turn emails into trackable activities), sync to your PDA cell phone, integrate with other software too. Delegation is as easy as email, but much more effective, and Accomplice lets you easily invite non-Accomplice users to collaborate with you, for free. Accomplice can be installed directly on a Windows PC, or on a U3 Smart USB flash drive for portability between Windows PCs. And it all works on- and off-line, without any technical support staff involvement.

Well, thats a decent description… But for me, its simply the coolest little tool I have used to organize a busy life. If time is money, then Accomplice is worth a million bucks…

The problem with a lot of tools is that they are either too complicated, take too long to learn or simply take so much time to use, that they offset the time you are suppossed to save by using it. Accomplice does what it says it does, it simply makes you more productive, while not putting a hole in the corporate software budget.


Imagine being able to manage a team or organization, communicate goals, notes, calendar items, etc. without investing in Exchange Server or lotus notes…

Imagine being able to carry all your critical information on a USB Memory Stick. Imagine having your project management control panel in your pocket. Accomplice does all this for you, and doesnt put a dent in your wallet.

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