One of my Palm articles made Palm Addicts!

I wrote a guest piece for Palm Addicts to celebrate their seventh anniversary:

I look to Palm Addicts on a daily basis to keep me up to date on what is happening in the Palm and Mobile Technology world. It was your raving reviews of the Treo 650 that convinced me to buy one not too long ago. I am a long time Palm user going all the way back to the Pilot, and I have owned almost every model produced by Palm, and a couple of Sony Models. My most recent model before the Treo, was a Lifedrive, and I have been more or less pleased with it, despite the sometimes flaky behaviour and resets. After purchasing my Treo, I carried both units for a while. But began an experiment about a week ago to carry only the Treo. It has worked out well. My only real issue with the Treo has been memory. As a power user of Palm devices, I have loads of software that I used on a regular basis. The Treo has some wonderful enhancement applications, but I find that most of them require that they be loaded into main memory. So despite my investment in a 2 GB memory card, I am constantly hovering around 5mb of real memory.

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